Thanks to the Rocking Magpie for this great review  

Just noticed this great review of Geordieland from the Rocking Magpie 

As me and Eddie and Paul get stuck into the new album these words are real encouragement for us to make sure we do a great job with the new one!!!

"Stunning"    The Rocking Magpie

"Exceptional story telling"    The Rocking Magpie

Read the full review here​


Great review from Music Unbuttoned  

Thanks to Pete and everyone at Music Unbuttoned for this great review of Geordieland

"a truly authentic folk album"      Music Unbuttoned 

"Rarely does folk music cross paths with modern youth culture, it is refreshing to hear"    Music Unbuttoned 

You can read the full review here Music Unbuttoned


Tom Robinson picks The Ree-Vahs!  

Absolutely chuffed that songwriting legend Tom Robinson picked our tune No One Naas Us Anymore as one of his top picks from all the tunes he gets through the BBC. He wrote 2 4 6 8 motorway tha naas so he KNOWS about songs. Gerrin. 

Review from UK Folk Music Website  

Thanks to Alan from UK Folk Music Website for these kind words after reviewing Geordieland

"I loved the Geordieland CD, it's always pure delight to hear music which has a 'different' feel to it from a band that's not trying to me Mumford and Sons.. Excellent stuff."    Alan Morley

" Great to hear a band with their own unique sound. It's a great CD ;) "  Alan Morley 

Review of Geordieland from Listen With Monger  

Thanks to Listen with Monger for this great review of Geordieland

unique style of folk music"   Listen With Monger 

"sounds like a Geordie Rod Stewart telling stories over a pint and a chaser"      Listen With Monger 

"as a collection of classic story telling songs this is pretty great"  Listen with Monger 

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Review of Geordieland in The Works  

Thanks for a great review of Geordieland from Brian Clough of The Works 

"The album takes on a unique feel, a freshness that perhaps modern day folk music needs in a changing world of crossover musical tastes"   Brian Clough-The Works 

"Musical Magic…It’s a class CD offering,  that has a lot to offer the discerning listener."  Brian Clough-The Works 

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